Dr. Leslie Madden | Principal, Willard Elementary School, Casper, WY
Gay Carlson | Lead Primary Teacher, Ricks Center for Gifted Children, University of Denver
Traci | 4th Grade Teacher, Connecticut
Elizabeth | 5th Grade Teacher, Colorado

Dave Sage was in my Second Grade classroom last month telling a story. WOW! The kids are still talking about the images he told in the story! During the story my students were totally enthralled with the images, characters and storyline he gave.

As soon as he was finished they wanted to know if he could tell another! Almost every day they ask when he will come back and tell them a new story.

– Nadine, 2nd Grade Teacher, Colorado

Dave Sage’s stories have motivated and inspired my students in areas such as listening and writing. Mr. Sage has added another effective teaching tool to our third grade studies with his age old art of storytelling.

– Yvette, 3rd Grade Teacher, Colorado

Your stories have many elements that go beyond the usual stories that 2nd graders read.

You engage the listener with colorful language that truly paints a picture. You also bring the listener on adventures to locales they may not be familiar with, but the settings become formed through language.

– Ann, 2nd Grade Teacher, Colorado

Dear Mr. Sage, Thank you for coming to my class for storytelling. The benefits from your visits are too numerous to list, but I wanted to let you know how much I (we) appreciate your talent!  Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!


– Janice, Kindergarten Teacher, Colorado

In our fast-paced, media-driven world, storytelling can be a nurturing way to remind children that our imagination sees no limit. Mr. Sage has encouraged my students that it is okay to use their imaginations at school and in their own story telling. Our best stories come from own experiences and ideas. Mr. Sage has absolutely sparked my student’s level of creativity.

– Jenny, 5th Grade Teacher, Colorado

My students enjoy listening to your stories; they are engaged at all times and excited to hear more...

Your storytelling gives them something...not the “usual” story that they are used to hearing. They refer back to your stories as a connection for creativity in their own writing.

I think you do a great job and your stories are amazing! Can’t wait to hear more.

– Jaime, 5th Grade Teacher, Wyoming

My students tell me that their favorite thing at school is Mr. Sage’s stories.

– Patty, 3rd Grade Teacher, Wyoming

These visits are valuable to my young students... Mr. Sage has captured their hearts and they clamor to sit by him.

– Nancy, 2nd Grade Teacher, Wyoming

Students talk about the stories for days after his visits. In addition, when he returns, the students recall the stories with great detail even though the visits can be over a month apart.

– Jodi, 5th Grade Teacher, Wyoming